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Our vocational rehabilitation services include:

Vocational Assessment

Case Management

Aptitude and Achievement Testing

Interest Testing

Transferable Skills Analysis

Job Analysis/Job Site Analysis

Employer Consultation

Vocational Counseling & Rehabilitation Planning

Labor Market Research

Job Seeking Skills Training

Resume Preparation

Job Placement

Schooling/Training Coordination

Collaborative Divorce Assessment and Counseling

The goal of our rehabilitation services is to return an injured worker to work either with their time of injury employer or within  the general labor market.  When loss of earning capacity is an issue, retraining plans can be developed to assist in restoring an individual to his/her pre-injury earning capacity.

We work as Certified Private Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists in Wisconsin Worker's Compensation cases.  Our consultants are skilled in the application of counseling techniques to assist in establishing appropriate vocational goals.  We are trained in the administration of vocational tests of achievement, aptitudes, interests, and special skills.  Testing is utilized when appropriate to assist in identifying vocational goals and to determine the appropriateness of vocational retraining programs. 

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